D.C. Short Film Festival

DC Shorts is an annual short film festival held in D.C. This identity concept focuses on the story-telling aspect of short films. Additionally, the system also represents a complete overhaul of the festival organization as a whole in order to create a better experience for festival-goers and filmmakers alike.


Film festivals have a lot of content to organize, and D.C. Shorts is no exception. In order to create a festival experience that was better organized and less overwhelming for the audience, I organized the short films into genre-specific showcases, with their own identities. I also revamped the Filmmaker's Conference that occurs during the festival and made it a clearly defined, one day event.

The Festival

For the Festival, I created a separate logo and color scheme for each of the four showcases (drama, adventure, comedy and romance). This gives each separate showcase a clearer focus and helps make the festival-going experience easier to understand. Additionally, I redesigned the website and reorganized the content in shorter, more manageable ways. Together, these decisions make the festival a less daunting and overwhelming event.

The Conference

The Filmmaker's conference is a one day conference that occurs during the DC Shorts Festival. In keeping with the storytelling theme of the entire festival, I also created a new identity for the conference, encouraging filmmakers to "Tell Their Story".