fort reno park

reno's rock roots

As the highest point in D.C., Fort Reno held many titles before it became a celebrated outdoor concert venue. It first started as a Union stronghold during the Civil War and eventually became a home for freed slaves. At one point, it also acted as a reservior.

However, during the summer of 1968 several Tenleytown residents acted to create a performance space in the park and the rest is history. Since 1968, many local D.C. legends have played the Fort Reno stage including Fugazi, The Slickee Boys, the Black Eyes, and the Dismemberment Plan.

D.C. has changed, but
Fort Reno feels eternal

summer concert series

Since 1968, Fort Reno has put on a summer concert series each summer. Although larger bands sometimes grace the historic stage, the Fort Reno booking team focuses on giving smaller, younger bands the chance to play for a large audience. While the Summer Concert Series is free, Fort Reno Park does accept donations to keep things running throughout the season.