King Pong

This year, the guys at King Pong approached thirteen23 to host their fourth annual Austin-wide creative agency ping pong tournament. Although I'm not any good at ping pong, I was lucky enough to be the main designer on the project. With two months and a completely open door, we set out to create pieces that would be interesting and functional, all while staying true to who we are as a creative digital agency.

The website

We started the process with storybords in order to help define the audience and the situation the app might be used in. We then moved into rounds of wireframes and flowcharts in effort to make sure the app worked seamlessly with the users' ping pong game and didn't get in the way of actual play.

Designing for Play.

During the design phase, elements were kept large and bright so users could easily use the app while playing ping pong. Additionally, grungy textures were used to reflect the interior of Comet.

Additionally, a responsive landing page was created as a companion to the app.