Swell is an app concept that utilizes user preferences and geolocation to help surfers plan and find their perfect surf session. This app addresses the lack of one-stop, well-organized condition reports available to surfers.

Making Surfing Smarter.

Swell aims to take the headache out of planning the perfect surf session. Instead of relying on scattered tide tables, ever changing wave reports, and lo-fi webcams for condition reports, surfers can use Swell to find a beach with conditions that are ideal for their preferences. No more guessing.

Designing With Focus

Initially, Swell started with many extra features such as a gear locker and beach reviews. However, after flowcharting and wireframing, it became clear that the user could benefit more from a streamlined experience that allowed the power of the personal preference tool to shine.

A Design Even The Dawn Patrol Will Love

Throughout the design phase, clarity and ease were put at the forefront. When using the app, the user's number one priority is getting in the water; I wanted to make sure that nothing stood in the way of that. Thus, information is large, bold and aided by quickly recognizable icons. In addition to the app, a responsive download page was created as a companion.