Nice to meet you

I’m waving at you, you just can’t see me through the computer screen.

Photo of Morgan smiling in front of a tan wall

I'm Morgan Wheaton, a multi-disciplinary design lead working across user experience, product design, and creative strategy.

I’m currently the Creative Director at thirteen23, a product design consultancy in Austin, Texas. I manage the creative practice at our studio, while leading and growing our team of designers. Prior to this, I was a User Experience Lead at

As a designer, I've worked on and led end-to-end design efforts for partners like Experian, Bose, HP, and Kohler. Through my work, I love exploring how humans and computers can best coexist with one another, and am particularly passionate about connected products and experiences.

As a manager, I focus on building environments and design practices that encourage mutual support, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration across designers, teams, and stakeholders. I believe deeply in treating people as a human beings first, and inspiring them to do their best work from there.

Outside of that, I enjoy thru-hiking and skiing around the Salt Lake valley where I'm based, and being a long way away from my computer.

If you'd like to get in touch, reach out at